Hi, I'm Dawni.




I'm a lover of all things pragmatic and harmonious, a life advisor, and dedicated mentor in helping people combine daily satisfaction with long-term joy and workability. Much of my work focuses on developing a more profound understanding of self, which leads to clarity, peace of mind, and broader influence. I have spent a good portion of my life studying and teaching archetypes, and have used this knowledge to assist others in clarifying how they most powerfully engage with themselves and others.


"It is no use    walking anywhere   to preach unless our   walking  is our   preaching."

— St. Francis of Assisi





Analyzing archetypes brings the unconscious parts of us into our conscious mind. In your Archetype session, we will be exploring archetypes to figure out which are your main 12, and how to bring these various parts of you in to harmony and power. 

It is literally life changing to explore the different personalities of your psyche and how to use them effectively. 

This session is especially valuable for entrepreneurs, since it clarifies how to show up most efficiently and authentically in your business!



What does an in person session with me look like?


You come to my cozy, peaceful, beautiful space in Cedar Hills, Utah where I have delicious hot coffee or tea waiting for you (depending on your preference). 

I listen to you. I mean REALLY listen to you, on a level so deep that I can hear what your soul is asking for. On a level where you don't just feel heard, you feel witnessed. I then assist you in parsing out what is going on for you on a core level. 


Where is the stuckness?

Where is the breakdown?

What is missing?

What will nourish you?

What matters to you?

What do you WANT???


We lay out a step by step plan to take action on the things that will make the biggest difference for you! It is calming and clarifying, centering and empowering, and I would love to see you!


For those who live far away or prefer distance sessions we can connect over phone or Marco Polo. You'll have to make your own coffee! ;)



You come to my cozy, peaceful, beautiful space in Cedar Hills, Utah where I have delicious hot coffee or tea waiting for you (depending on your preference). 


We dive in to how to take all of the different skills and modalities you have, and integrate them in a focused and powerful way. Many entrepreneurs have multiple projects, gifts, and offerings. We will go in to detail about how to make them all work together in a way that makes sense and money! 


This session is perfect for anyone who is beginning or expanding a business or career. Specifically this is for people who are interested in running a grounded, practical, effective, legitimate, transparent business. 





This calendar is a labor of love born from the desire to support and 

encourage as many people as I can in any way possible. I feel a deep love

for humanity, and want to offer these words of encouragement to remind

you that you are not alone. As I wrote these daily messages, I infused them

with love, and I could feel you and your beautiful hearts. I am honored to be

even the smallest part of your day. 

My hope is that you take a few minutes to yourself every morning to connect

to your heart and your God as you read these words. That you take a moment to breathe deeply and remember how truly precious you are. If any of these thoughts resonate, pull the page, put it where you can see it, or tuck it in your journal. Keep it as a token of love. 

May you be blessed all the days of your life. 


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