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Embody the Queen

Orem, Utah

February 24-26


All inclusive weekend retreat for women

The best gift you will ever bring this world is your own alignment .


Are you craving MAJOR clarity in your personal life, relationships, and career?


Are you ready to work smarter not harder?

Do you want to step in to flow, and ease, and become a MAGNET for the people you most want to connect with?

Every single one of us has a QUEEN inside who is the healthiest, most centered, and authentic version of us. When we are clear about our wants, needs, and core values we can make sure we are so stable and satisfied that we are serving from an "overflowing cup".

In this retreat you will find that unique queen inside of YOU!


Join me and a group of like-minded women for a weekend of fully claiming the Queen you actually are!

We will be kicking loose our mental blocks, discovering the most powerful and expansive narrative of our lives, and learning how to co-create with the highest version of ourselves.


The $888 price includes accommodation, meals, exercises, tools, a surprise guest presenter, and great fun. The weekend is limited to 11 participants. $200 non refundable (but transferable) deposit required. Your deposit is your registration.

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